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What is happening?

On 28 February 2019, all .IN domain names will be transitioned from the existing legacy system to new Registry infrastructure in India, supported by Neustar and in partnership with NIXI (National Internet Exchange of India, which manages the .IN Registry).

Who is Neustar?

Neustar is a worldwide leader in domain name Registry services. With nearly two decades of industry experience, Neustar has earned the reputation of being among the most reliable and trusted domain name Registry service providers in the world.

How will this affect my .in domain name?

Registrants will not experience any significant changes as a result of the transition. Your domain name will be securely transitioned to our new Registry infrastructure, with the benefit of unparalleled security, stability and resiliency.

Why will my domain name password change?

For security purposes, all domain name passwords (AuthInfo) will be reset as part of the transition of the Registry. For a new password, please get in touch with your Registrar. You can find the name of your Registrar by looking up your domain name via the WHOIS service which can be found at the following link:


When will the transition take place?

The transition will commence 00:00 (IST) 28 Feb 2019 / 18:30 (UTC) 27 Feb 2019.

Will there be any ‘down time’?

Registry services will unavailable during the following maintenance period:

  • 00:00 (IST) 28 Feb to 23:59 (IST) 1 March
  • 18:30 (UTC) 27 Feb to 18:29 (UTC) 1 March

Maintenance will be scheduled by our systems and transition teams and will communicated to all Registrars at least two weeks prior. Note however that the DNS will continue to resolve as normal during this time.

What do Registrars need to do to prepare?

There are several steps that Registrars will need to take in order to prepare for this change:

  1. Sign a Registry Access Contract – this is similar to your existing agreement with the legacy provider. Neustar has an electronic signature process.
  2. Provide up‐to‐date details – we need to ensure that we have accurate contact details for all Registrars. We also need to collect IP Addresses and other details from Registrars for white listing purposes.
  3. Access the Operational Testing Environment – this will allow you to test your systems against the new Registry systems, and allow you to familiarize yourself with the Registry interfaces.
Will existing Neustar Registrar Passphrases change?

Passphrases for existing accounts with Neustar will not change.

New registrar accounts will need to generate a Neustar specific Passphrase. This will be managed by our transition specialists during the on‐boarding process.

When will AuthInfo be reset?

The existing AuthInfo will be used until import – after which AuthInfo will be randomly generated and replaced. On re‐commencement of Registry services the new AuthInfo will be in place.

Will Registry ROIDs change?

Yes. The legacy Registry ROID is in the format XXXXX‐AFIN. The new ROID format will be XXXXX‐IN.

How will domain name transfers be impacted?

All downtime will be included in lifecycle. Domain names expected to complete transfer during migration will transfer/delete immediately on ‘Go Live’ of the new Registry system.

How will domain names expiring or domain names scheduled to be deleted be affected?

All downtime will be included in lifecycle. Domains expected to complete transfer/delete during migration will transfer/delete immediately on ‘GoLive’ of the new Registry system.

How will contacts be transitioned? Does the new Registry support contact sharing?

Contacts will be transferred as is. Note however the ROID will change with the postfix XXXXX‐NSRIN.

Will Neustar provide SSL Certificates? Can Registrars use existing SSL Certificates?

Registrars will require new SSL Certification to connect to the .in new Registry system. The Neustar Support team will provide a step by step instruction on SSL setup and installation.

What if I have more Questions?

Contact Neustar Registrar Support via any of the following methods:

Support ticket:


Phone: +91 40 45210020