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The teams at NIXI, Neustar, .IN Registrars and more have been working hard for months, preparing for the transition of the .IN domain name Registry to Neustar’s backend technology.

We’re excited to confirm that the transition is set to commence on 28 February 2019 – that’s right, the countdown is on!

As part of this process, there will be a short, temporary maintenance period to allow the transition to occur. What does this mean? Well, for a maximum period of 48 hours from 00:00 (IST) 28 Feb to 23:59 (IST) 1 March / 18:30 (UTC) 27 Feb to 18:29 (UTC) 1 March access to the .IN Registry will be unavailable. We expect the transition to complete much sooner than the allotted period, but during this time no new domains will be able to be created, and existing domains can’t be updated or deleted. It’s important to note that all DNS traffic will continue, which means there will be no impact to existing .IN websites or email addresses.

temporary maintenance period dates

While any downtime is not ideal, it’s an important step in the process of ensuring the transition goes ahead smoothly and with minimal impact to consumers. We’ll be providing ongoing updates to ensure everyone is fully informed of the status of the transition and knows when we’re back up and running.

This transition will mark the start of a new era for .IN – and will bring with it a number of improvements and changes to the .IN Registry that will benefit Registrars and consumers alike. We’re excited to start this journey and help cement .IN’s place in the Indian business ecosystem and in the country’s digital legacy.